PC Tailored To You

Assembled and customized by Gladax - just for you


Gladax is an extensive branch of SEAGM. The existence of Gladax, together with SEAGM, will move towards creating a comprehensive experience that covers top up to hardware. Eventually, SEAGM envisions a fully functioning ecosystem.

Built for You

The Gladax team readily crafts and assembles high performing PCs based on user needs.

  • Gamers

    Joy Cube

  • Corporate Office

    Executive Cube

  • Designer Editior

    Talent Cube

  • Craftmanship

    Anyone can build a PC, but only a handful of our innovativeand knowledgeable experts can build a GLADAX PC.

  • Performance

    We ensure each and every carefully selected components are performing at their fullest potential.

  • Assurance

    GLADAX PCs undergo a battery of tests to ensure no surprises as they reach you. You can jump right into your favourite games or your challenging works right away!

  • Support

    Rest assured as all your experiences with GLADAX is supported by our attentive best-in-class agents!

Build by Gladax