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    Team PUBG Mobile

    PUBG Mobile

    El Classico. Raja Sanhok. The One and Onleh. They have been known by many names, but there is no mistaking these legends of the PUBG Mobile pro scene. As the Malaysian Book of Records holder for the first team to win PUBG Mobile professionally at the regional level, they have become household names that continue to perform at the highest levels in the PUBG Mobile Pro League. With over 3 years of professional championships won, records smashed and highlight clips immortalized, these guys are only just getting warmed up.

    • Bravo
    • Draxx
    • Putra
    • ManParang
    • WryDep
    • SlyDD Coach
    • Soultann Analyst
    • Hahagus Forever Coach
    Team Wild Rift

    Wild Rift

    Fan-favourites, bitter rivals and former League of Legends professionals make this Wild Rift roster a force to be reckoned with. While each player has individually cemented their reputation since ICON Season Zero, this all-star team has been hailed as "Malaysia's dream team" by professionals and fans alike. This is the team to catch at the biggest stages of the rift: a perfect storm of esports talent.

    • OzoraVeki
    • ArrHedge
    • Chilly
    • Sagi
    • Winter
    • Vita
    • TheShang
    • Swak Analyst
    • Edwardo Team Manager
    Team Call of Duty Mobile

    Call of Duty Mobile

    Fresh faces can change up any game, especially esports. These guys were a band of unknowns, who turned into underdogs, who turned into champions. After convincingly winning the CODM Malaysian Championships with their performance, this squad showed bigger teams that true skill comes out on top. SEM9 is proud to be able to elevate these former underdogs to professional elites.

    • Concept
    • b1ngo
    • OzoraVeki
    • Sic
    • Smokii
    • x3Jasmine
    • Zh3ngYu
    Team League of Legends

    League of Legends

    We scoured Malaysia for the best League of Legends players around and made them a team with a hunger to win. Driven by passion, commitment and talent, what was once a dream is now the SEM9 Pacific Championship Series Pro Team. Watch out, world: Malaysia is turning the heat up in League of Legends professional esports!

    • Shiromine
    • QaspieL
    • Kirino
    • Felia
    • Arashi
    • Lezar
    • Clayx
    • Kent Team Manager
    Team Axle Sim Racing

    Axle Sim Racing

    In partnership with Axle Sports, SEM9.Axle is led by the one and only Alex Yoong, Malaysia's premier F1 racing driver and three-time Audi R8 LMS Cup Champion, to shine a bright light on the region's racers. Already proving their potential with multiple trophies and an incredible 4th place finish at the 24 Hours Le Mans Virtual. SEM9.Axle is a force to be reckoned with. The drivers, Alister Yoong, Nabil Azlan, and Naquib Azlan, are fueled with nothing but determination, passion, and most importantly a vision: To be the best of the best.

    • Naquib Azlan
    • Alister Yoong
    • Nabil Azlan

    SEM9 is the esports subsidiary of SEAGM. Taking advantage of its status as a Southeast Asian esports organization, SEM9 wants to break language barriers to unite all esports fans regardless of differences. It is part of SEAGM’s vision to create a comprehensive gaming experience for all. The founding of SEM9 together with SEAGM aims to pave the way for talented individuals who wishes to turn their hobby into a professional career.

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