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Our brand is an ecosystem that provides services to end-users, publishers, and developers to reach and grow with the right audience.

What we can do?

With over 15 years of experience under our belt, here’s what SEAGM can offer your brand

  • Curated reach

    We have over 11 million of active users globally consuming contents made by SEAGM tailored just for the right audience. We can help you reach relevant markets or even find new ones.

  • Complete package

    Our creative content and marketing team is ready to elevate your brand, covering everything from content creation, influencer marketing, and on-ground marketing.

  • 24 × 7 support

    The SEAGM's award-winning support team is always on the line to help, boasting multi-lingual competency and an average of 30 seconds response rate.

  • Global access

    At SEAGM, we have localized payment methods and support to give your product access to the world’s market.

  • Safe and trusted

    Every transaction made via our site is protected and secured.

Our Advantages

With over 15 years of experience under our belt, here’s what SEAGM can offer your brand

  • 200M

    website pageviews

  • 15M

    unique visitors

  • 1.9M

    registered users

  • 35K

    monthly active users

Penetrate and access new markets

We believe that the key to accessing the global market is having the right payment channels for local markets. That is why SEAGM has over 100+ and growing global payment channels to get your brand where it needs to be.

Power up with SEAGM

With over 15 years of experience under our belt, here’s what SEAGM can offer your brand

  • Global Market Access

    SEAGM has 100+ global payment channels giving everyone access to the world's market.

  • Complete package

    SEAGM Credits and SEAGM Pay enables global users to purchase anything on our site with no exchange hassles.

  • Increase Revenue & Margin

    Each partner receives a personalized margin that fits their business to maximize the benefits on both ends to cultivate a win-win scenario.

  • Up-to-Date with the Market

    Sitting at 10,000+ products right now, we are constantly adding new ones ensuring our store is keeping up with new releases.

  • Reach the Right Market

    Working with us means getting access to our marketing team and everything that comes with it. That is inclusive of all SEAGM Squad members and all our social channels.

  • Award-Winning 24 / 7 Support Team

    Our customer service officers are ever-ready to help in any situation any time you need it.

Global Convenient Access for Everyone

SEAGM Credits

  • Site-wide currency that can be used for purchasing any products on SEAGM.

Digital Codes

  • Game Card
  • Payment Card
  • Game Console Prepaid Card
  • VOD Gift Card
  • Shopping Gift Card
  • Music Platform Gift Card
  • PC Tools Software Gift Card
  • Mobile Prepaid Reload Card
  • Social App Gift Card
  • Software CD-Key
  • PC Game CD-Key

Direct Top Up

  • Game Top-Up Service
  • Mobile Game Direct Top-Up
  • Video on Demand App Top-Up
  • Entertainment App Top-Up
  • Livestreaming App Top-up
  • Comic App Top-Up

Mobile Reload

  • 650+ Mobile Operators
  • 160+ Countries
  • Global Real-Time Mobile Reload
  • Prepaid Mobile Internet Reload

Digital Goods Marketplace

  • Game Top Up
  • CD-Key
  • Gamer Services
  • Steam Item Trading
  • Pro Gamer Education

Team trusted by the most exciting companies around the globe

With over 15 years of experience under our belt, here is what SEAGM can offer your brand.


  • Jo Rohan


    Wulf Esports is proud to partner with SEAGM who have been working closely for many fruitful years. We find great value in working with SEAGM as they are truly a caring company towards their partners and customers. They embody a positive energy in their working culture, responsive and open to discussion. We are pleased to take our working relationship with them further into the future!

  • Justin Lie

    Founder & CEO, SHIELD

    We are proud to work with such a professional and visionary company as SEAGM. As they are an organization that really prioritises customer experience and user safety, we are glad to have been able to support them in their journey to become the world’s leading digital online game store.

  • Condy Chan

    Marketing Director, NetDragon

    We are delighted in working with SEAGM these years. Despite COVID-19, they still boost us with their profession and enthusiasm. We are looking forward to our greater success in the future.

  • Syed Kamrul Arefin Zihad

    Head of Digital Services, Dotlines SG

    Partnering with SEAGM is a wonderful experience for us. They are very professional when it comes to dealing with business or anything technical. They are prompt and very helpful which helps us attain business goals together as partners. We wish them good luck.

Social and Trust Symbols

Elevate your brand globally through us,Elevate your brand globally through usElevate

  • Website

    Reach our 11 Million + and growing active users, get directly introduced to the entertainment industry.

  • Social Media Channels

    Widen the reach of your brand through our social channels with curated assets tailored by our marketing team.

  • SEAGM Partners

  • Tactical Marketing

  • Digital Marketing

  • Online Platform

  • On ground Marketing

Milestone & Awards


3 million registered users.


SEAGM Pay developed


SEAGM mobile app released


1 million registered users.

10th Year Anniversary of SEAGM!

10 Years of Tremendous Growth.

MSC Status Attempted


More than 4 million orders have been completed since inception.


More than 3 million unique visitors & 35 million page views.


1.5 million unique visitors.


More than 1 million completed orders.

Support office established in Thailand and Indonesia.


SEA Gamer Mall Sdn Bhd established.


Development office established in Chengdu, China.


Website moved to SEAGM.COM



  • The Star Outstanding Business Awards

    Best Use of Technology - Gold Awards

    Best in Customer Service - Gold Awards

  • Sin Chew Business Excellence Awards 2019

    Digital and Technology Business Excellence Award

    International Business Excellence Award

  • Nanyang Golden Eagle Award 2019

    International Eagle

  • Malaysia TOP EC MERCHANT 2018


  • 2018 Top Export GMV eCommerce Merchant

  • Malaysia TOP EC MERCHANT 2017

    Top 10 Finalists

  • SME Platinum Business Awards

    SME ICT Adoption Award

  • Malaysia MSC Status Company

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