Founded in 2007, SEAGM had a singular goal in mind: to develop the best online games digital goods marketplace in e-commerce that could eventually help pave the way for gamers to make a living through their hobby of gaming. To achieve this, we needed a team defined by specific core values to deliver the best experience to our users. These values are Integrity, Communication, Care, and Excellence in all things.

The SEAGM of today is a behemoth of its past, having achieved several recognitions and milestones. It is now an MSC status company with four offices worldwide situated in Malaysia, China, and Thailand. As a global brand, SEAGM has already begun its evolution to create a comprehensive gaming ecosystem with the addition of Kaleoz and Gladax. SEAGM distributes digital goods and services while creating a digital goods marketplace on Kaleoz and distributes gaming hardware as Gladax.

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Since its inception, with more than 300 million users accessing our services, SEAGM continues to be the fastest-growing e-commerce platform focusing on digitals goods in Malaysia and has millions of users worldwide.

As we continue to grow, SEAGM visions to be the world's leading digital goods and services platform by achieving excellence in profit, community, and lifestyle. We also aspire to give back to the gaming community while continuously working on building a sustainable ecosystem in gaming within our corporation. The company is determined to empower gamers' gaming experiences by providing convenient access to our services globally to enjoy games anytime, anywhere. Finally, we aim to be a customer-centric company that grows together with its community and employees.


    SEAGM's headquarter is located in Sitiawan, Perak, Malaysia. The three-story building houses 80 employees working under various departments, including the Administrative Department, Customer Service Team, Operations Team, Human Resource Department, and Sales Department. It also has a second office in Malaysia located in MSC designated cyber city, Kuala Lumpur.

  • SEAGM China

    SEAGM also has a technology department located in Chengdu, China. This elite team is responsible for the entire company's technology development and ensures top-notch performance to achieve the highest operational efficiency.

  • SEAGM Thailand

    The SEAGM Thailand office provides localized support to native users and partners.

SEAGM's Vision

The vision for SEAGM is simple, to be the world's leading digital goods and services platform, and to achieve this, we have established clear goals:

  • Community

    SEAGM intends to give back to the gaming community by collaborating with game industry players for talent development and creating potential career paths for gamers.

  • Lifestyle

    We aspire to create a sustainable ecosystem in gaming to enrich a gamer's lifestyle by providing inclusion of sectors such as payment, hardware, digital goods, e-sport, and entertainment.

The SEAGM Team

  • Tommy Chieng

    Tommy Chieng

    Chief Executive Officer

    The innovative, ambitious, and visionary leader Tommy Chieng is the man that paved the way for SEAGM. With his unique business acumen in several industries, including gaming, eSports, e-commerce, payment, fraud management, and digital goods, the CEO is constantly bringing significant growth and focusing on scaling the business to an international level.

  • Karen Long

    Karen Long

    CEO Special Officer - Finance

    Karen is an accounting major with 11 years of financial professional work experience under her belt. She's also the CEO's financial sentry. Karen actively oversees financial operations of the company by collaborating with all finance leaders. Equipped with stellar professional judgment, good communication plus self-driven learning, she is determined to achieve her goals by steering communication into action.

  • Chan Swee Ling

    Chan Swee Ling

    Financial Controller

    Chan Swee Ling, SEAGM’s Head of Finance is a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), and an Honours graduate in Accounting & Finance. A result driven and resourceful professional with the proven ability to provide key financial data and support in key business decision making, Swee Ling manages, develops and oversees the entire financial management system at SEAGM to help ensure that all statutory and corporate obligations are accurately executed. With an extensive knowledge and experience in the investment, retail, manufacturing, property development and construction industry, the Finance connoisseur embarks on the e-commerce industry using her refined knowledge and skills in finance to further thrive in the digital industry.

  • Fifi Lim

    Fifi Lim

    HR Manager

    Fifi Lim is SEAGM’s HR Manager leading a team of operational and strategic HR personnel. With over 7 years of experience in recruitment, facilitating HR compliance, best practices, infrastructure, policy and procedure development, her creativity helps her thrive in challenges, while initiating positive changes. She is known for strong interpersonal skills and talent to communicate and collaborate effectively with others.

  • Carmen Hor

    Carmen Hor

    Organizational Development Manager

    Driven by fun and new ideas, Carmen is in charge of business operations. She drives the team with transformative and exemplary leadership. Through her dedication in engaging important stakeholders, she has successfully bolstered the forces of our ranks. The diligent leader wants to continue bringing value to SEAGM in order to reach greater heights.

  • Raymond Foo

    Raymond Foo

    Marketing Senior Manager

    As the marketing department leader, Raymond focuses on the company's user outreach and engagement initiatives to further achieve new market development. He has helped strengthen the company's brand positioning to penetrate the right audience via his insightful industry knowledge. The marketing lead aspires to bring the gaming communities and key players of the industry together via a common interest to ultimately accomplish SEAGM's mission of developing a sustainable gaming ecosystem.

  • Jojo Zhou

    Jojo Zhou

    Chief Technology Officer

    A veteran with 16 years of experience in IT, Jojo is entrusted with responsibilities such as technical team formation and management. Additionally, the CTO also evaluates, controls and implements all of the company's R&D projects. With his team, Jihong makes sure the business runs smoothly through devising technical structure and planning. The tech vet believes in being focused and efficient towards the same goal to achieve success with the company he cherishes dearly.

  • Dexter Tang

    Dexter Tang

    Creative Director

    Despite majoring in Applied Chemistry, Dexter found his true passion within computer language and graphic design. The Creative Director of SEAGM is in charge of all product design and art direction to ultimately provide a better user experience when they pursue our services. Forward thinking is important to him as a project leader since he requires a high level of foresight.

  • Jane Chieng

    Jane Chieng

    Card Department Manager

    Our Purchasing Manager, Jane Chieng, is responsible for guiding her team to support the company in meeting customers' product demand. She leads her specialized team in sourcing for quality products while managing our inventory. Efficient procurement because paired with the right timing, would boost SEAGM's revenue hence she believes that working efficiently is the key to achieving success and goals.

  • Yee Chai Lin

    Yee Chai Lin

    Operation Manager

    Yee from the Kaleoz Sales Team is a Senior Manager is responsible for overseeing the operation, planning and managing the department. She believes in maintaining a keen attitude towards gaming trends to meet customer needs. The senior staff believes that in order to achieve goals, trust between teams is very important because only by trusting and encouraging each other can we grow together.

  • Ling Chi Long

    Ling Chi Long

    Customer Support Manager

    Chi Long leads the 24/7 support team of SEAGM. The manager sees challenges as an opportunity to grow. He believes that to achieve the company's goal, coming up with a measurable action plan then taking action is vital. Chi Long started from the bottom and now he's a manager who knows our customers well and strives to provide quality service by resolving customers' problems.