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Here at SEAGM, we value excellence, integrity, respect and teamwork. With a headquarter in Sitiawan, we started in a small town with a big dream – to become the best digital goods distribution platform while being a customer-centric company that empower gamers to make a living from gaming. We now have offices all over Asia including Kuala Lumpur, China and Thailand.

Employee Benefits

Here’s what you can expect if you’re part of the team:

  • Team Bonding Activities

    SEAGM encourages teamwork amongst its staffs. To cultivate this, we take part in monthly team bonding activities to create a fun and positive workplace where each and everyone would get a chance to work together in organizing the activities.

  • Trainer & Trainee Program

    Constant growth and learning are the key to success and it’s something we believe in as well. Hence the Trainer & Trainee Program was made available to help us learn and grow together. In this program, a person with higher level of skill in certain area is incentivize to share that knowledge to those interested in improving themselves further.

  • Family Outing Day Allowance

    Next, SEAGM knows that family is important. Therefore, we provide family outing day allowance to encourage employees to spend more time with their family! We believe that a happy family will also bring about a happy employee.

  • SEAGM Cares

    Last but not least, there are little things that comes with working long hours in front of a computer. SEAGM cares about the well-being of all our employees. In order to promote a healthier lifestyle, we offer allowance for fitness. The company also provides allowance for its employees to get special fitted glasses with blue tint to minimize the effect of long screen time.

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If our belief and culture is one that resonates with you, we want you on the team!